A small reflection

He´d never noticed a door there before. Last time he passed by he noticed there was a window but not door, so this time instead of just passing by he decided to stop and look. He was intrigued by the door and began to imagine all sorts of things that could be behind the door.

He thought that behind there could be a huge and great palace or maybe just a nice fire to protect him and warming him up during that cold winter night. His imagination wouldn´t stop thinking of different things that could be inside there. But he also was scared because of that mysterious door.

After a couple of minutes thinking  if he should open it or not, he decided to take the risk and find out what was behind it. It wasn´t an easy task to open it but after a while he finally opened it and he found another door, but a small one! He thought that it was some kind of a joke, but he followed his instincts and opened the little door.

To his surprise, behind the little door there was himself standing from the other side of the door, looking right through his eyes. At first, he was a little scared, but then he realized that was a reflection of how small his life was.


*This story was written by students from “Styles of Written Communication” class in 2012 (INACAP, La Serena). We made no changes, therefore we are publishing an original document.



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