John Katzenbach – Day of Reckoning

This is the story of a regular American family: mum, dad two girls, and a little boy. Megan and Duncan are married and have been together since they were very young political activists, back in 1968; everyone who was young in 1968 has a past as activists, as they say.

But now, all those dreams of a different world, have stayed in their past just as an anecdote, and now they have a very perfect life. Duncan works as a banker, while she is in real estate. They have two teenage daughters and a young son.

Unfortunately, for their children, Megan and Duncan crossed the line and risk much more than their lives when they decided to be members of the Students for a Democratic Society splinter group the Phoenix Brigade. In that group they met, a beautiful, charismatic and manipulative girl named Tania, who convinced them of robbing a bank to raise money for the revolution. Tania assured them that this crime would not involved excessive violence and that it would be very easy. But it was nothing like she said. Eighteen years have passed since that tragic day.

Now, when the Richards enjoy a quiet and peaceful happy life, Tania is about to be released from jail, and she has not forgotten about them. She has spent the past 18 years planning her revenge on the couple responsible, according to her version, of her capture. She cannot wait to start paying them back –beginning with their little son…

Without any doubt this is one of those thrillers that you start reading, but you do not know how to stop. It keeps your attention and you might stay on night up trying to find out what will happen next. Katzenbach has done it again; he has shown us how terror can be breathtaking.

Por Cristal


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